just in case you missed it


This is wicked late since its been three weeks since Michael Jackson died, and this clip aired about two weeks ago, but I just thought it was too funny and insightful a critique of the media’s coverage of Jackson’s death to go without a mention on this blog. As always, I am blown away by Jon Stewart’s incredible insight into pretty much everything. I really think that if the comedian thing never worked out he would have been a great journalist. As a comedian on a fake news show he asks better questions than a lot of practicing journalists which is sad. Hope you enjoy Jon Stewart handing out the Rippy Awards for outstanding achievement in covering Michael Jackson’s death.

Watch the Rippy Awards on The Daily Show.


2 Responses to “just in case you missed it”

  1. I’m glad you posted that, because *I* missed it! Ohmygosh, you’re making me love Jon Stewart…the “Mama Say Mama Saw Mama WHAT” award, so made of awesome!

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