der dritte raum / the third space


As human beings, we are constantly transforming the spaces that surround us. For good and for ill, we bring great impacts with us wherever we go, from environmental change to redecorating the living room. How often, though, do we think about the conceptual reasons we change spaces?

The transformation of a space can happen through any variety of materials. The most menial beginning supply, with a lot of time and the vision of an artist, can rise beyond its initial intention and become thought-provoking, conceptual, even ethereal. As carbon and water give rise to human beings, so do many of today’s artists create sums that are greater than parts.

Have you guessed what is the main material used in this gallery installation?

Believe it or not: zip ties. 52 graduate and undergraduate architecture students spent 17,000 hours weaving and knotting thousands of ties together to create an interior landscape.

The concept of this interior is the three types of spaces humans create: places of retreat, places of communal living, and places of self expression.

The above area, which receives its form from halogen balls netted with zip ties, provides ample and relaxing seating for many people. The image below shows one of the cocoons of retreat. Isn’t it incredible what so many thousands of zip ties are capable of doing? As an artist who has participated in some installation works similar to this, I cannot begin to describe how much time goes into something like this – the monotonous repetition and the necessary attention to detail required is astounding. I so wish I was able to see this exhibition and appreciate it in person.

This week, I encourage you to see the potential in the world surrounding you. If someone could see magic in zip ties, what other everyday materials around you could have similar capabilities? Untapped creativity surrounds your life, I guarantee it. All you have to do is look.

Der Dritte Raum was shown at the Aedes Pfefferberg gallery in Berlin. Photos are from ole_robin, Apartment Therapy, Aedes Pfefferberg, and monocular.


3 Responses to “der dritte raum / the third space”

  1. 1 Mr. Ace

    I guessed floss….. I think I saw something with floss one time…..

  2. 2 Melinda

    I guessed bubble wrap, probably because Cameron and I just finished making a jelly fish with a bubble umbrella and bubble wrap tentacles. I couldn’t believe it was zip ties. I wouldn’t want to bump up against one in my “home environment”. Ouch.

  3. 3 Alexa

    This work is amazing. Love seeing what can become of everyday items!

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