Weasley is our king! (pre-HBP round-up)


If you haven’t a clue what that title means, you should probably just skip on over this post. 🙂

This is a happy week, my fellow tea drinkers. In T minus 36 hours, I’ll be lined up outside of a movie theater with a couple great friends as we prepare for our socks to be rocked OFF.

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This is the epicly awesome week when the 6th Harry Potter film gets released, and I am SO JAZZED to go see it at midnight! (And then go to work the next day. Should be friggin brilliant.) My thoughts on the movie besides excitement? The PG rating has me a little worried about how much the script has been watered down (how is HBP not the same/more intense than OotP? hmm…) Other than that, so glad that David Yates has done this one again.

In my excitement, I’ve been trying to locate as much HP media as possiblay. Have you ever tried to go to YouTube and look up trailers? Man, you get a whole lotta junk mixed in with a few good things! Since I thought that maybe, just maybe, someone out there would have as much excitement and frustration as I, here’s your Half Blood Prince round-up.


  • Mugglenet’s got a great all-inclusive list of trailers
  • And just in case that above list isn’t enough, check what Hulu has to offer. A little broader, but less on-topic.
  • Die-hard fan of the book? Stressed about what scenes made it into the movie? Here’s a HIGH SPOILER thread that lists out each chapter of the book and precisely what made it into the movie. Personally, I’m not touching that one until after a first viewing…but if it’s your cup of tea, have at it!

Interviews and BTS videos:
In case you love some spoilers, here are some clips from the movie found on the internets. Procede with caution!

Just for fun:

  • A Very Potter Musical…yes, you read right. This fan creation is quite extensive and…surprisingly good! I haven’t watched the entire thing, but had a good, enjoyable laugh nonetheless. Definitely go give it a look.
  • In case you haven’t heard…there’s going to be a Harry Potter theme park. I know, I know. What they wouldn’t do to milk the franchise for all it’s worth! Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure will be welcoming a new island based on the Wizarding World next year.
  • The legendary Potter Puppet Pals. If you haven’t seen them before, start with “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” or “Bothering Snape”. They are my faavs!
  • Potter potter potter potter potter…don’t ask. Just watch.

Any other favorites out there? Anybody else going to see a midnight showing??


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