Oh my gosh, guys. It’s been a…I don’t even know what adjective to use…couple of days. You know how when lots of small things go wonky in life? And you’re left thinking, well, it could be worse…my house hasn’t burned down. No one has died. And you’re thankful for those things. But even so, all these stupid small things add up to make life uber frustrating and no good-fun-times at all?

What with my nomad lifestyle, I am currently, accidentally, and most unfortunately without makeup, a straightener, deodorant, and a razor. What the frig, y’all. I don’t even know. About all I have going for me are toothpaste and shampoo. “Ew, Ash,” you begin to exclaim. “Why the heck don’t you just drive to the store and replenish your supplies?” It’s a great idea, readers. Alas, on Thursday evening my car lapsed into a coma, awaiting some special mechanical love and/or part to wake it up. And because it’s decided to punk out on me, I’m missing an incredible weekend of fun and family-time with Mr. Ace. AND I had to miss work on Friday. AND my personal hygiene is suffering! AND MY CAR IS KAPUT.

So, the world of Ash is a little frustrating at the moment. But you know what would make things at least 25% better? One of these:

via rockthedesert

That’s right, everybody. It’s one of Ash’s favorite days of the year: today is 7/11, which means FREE SLURPEE DAY. I don’t care how far I have to walk, I am getting a stick of Dove Go Fresh Ultimate Clear in Grapefruit and Lemongrass, and one of these bad boys. CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT??


One Response to “7/11/09”

  1. I wish we had 7/11s here, but alas we don’t. Enjoy one for me, k?

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