New Favorite Blog: Stuff Christians Like


As a fan of all things satirical, my brother was kind enough to bring my attention to a blog that has quickly become a favorite: Stuff Christians Like, a blog in the same vein of humor as Stuff White People Like, which I also find extremely hilarious. Every post is a detailed, humorous and often critical look at another thing or idea that Christians like. It’s a blog about today’s Christian culture, which often makes some of us sick to our stomachs with its cheese and misguided attempts at righteousness. It’s nice to see a blog that is making us laugh instead of nauseous.

Some of my favorites from the First 500:

#3 Reading “love is patient” at your wedding

#14 Dating God

#17 Uspoken prayer requests

#26 Songs that sound Christian but aren’t

#53 Saying “I’ll pray for you” and then not

#170 Email forwards

#188 Judging someone based on their Bible underlining

#209 Counting swears in a movie

There are so many more, and everyone of them makes me giggle and squeal “It’s funny because it’s true!” Hope you get as much of a kick out of it (and sometimes a wake up call) as I do, regardless of your belief system (and/or lack thereof).


5 Responses to “New Favorite Blog: Stuff Christians Like”

  1. 1 Kyle

    So of those made me laugh really hard in my office. oh man just the titles were hilarious.

  2. Nice. But it’s not dating God — it’s dating JESUS.
    Although, as it turns out, I really am. My boyfriend notified me that he is going to be Jesus in a play in a couple of weeks. Very first thing I said, “wait… does this mean I’m dating Jesus?” Guess I’ve joined the ranks of every other girl at SBU. *sigh*

    • Wow! Congratulations on really dating Jesus! You’re an inspiration to us all! 😉

  3. 4 mountainsofbooks

    I’ve seen this before–it’s pretty funny.

    I love #170….I hate those e-mails that say, “If you love Jesus, then forward this to 13 friends…” Blah!

    Have you heard/do you read Abraham Piper’s blog Twenty-Two Words? It’s similar, but different. (

  4. 5 Kara McG

    Hehe Definitely made me smile! 😀

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