road trip checklist


Tomorrow John and I with Roskoe in tow are headed to San Antonio for the Fourth of July weekend. We’re excited to see family that hasn’t met my amazing husband and visit with my parents and brother who have yet to meet Roskoe (well, the parents haven’t met him anyway). The weekend is promising hot and clear weather, tubing down the river and fireworks at the Alamo.

However, first we must brave the dreaded 13-hour road trip that we intend on completing in one day, tomorrow, starting at 6 am *fingers crossed.* In order to survive the hours in my trusty Oldmobile Bob, there are certain things we are sure we are taking along.

Entertainment: I’ve got a book (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court), and he’s got a book (Fight Club). Roskoe has a bone almost as big as he is. We’ve got fun card games like Dirty Minds. And of course, a staple for our car trips–the book on tape. This trip’s selection was John’s choice. It’s a 16 CD unabridged work of W.E.B. Griffin entitled Black Ops.

Tunes: While W.E.B.’s book will be dominating the stereo, I will probably get my choice of tunes while John starts the trip off snoozing. And for that, I bought the newest CD by my favorite band The Fray, aptly called The Fray. So far, I love it! Check out their music video for their hit song from the album “You Found Me.”

Snackage: We’ve got trail mix, Pringles, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and banana chocolate chip muffins that are iffy do to a measuring fiasco during the baking process. They aren’t bad, just not as good as they could be. We’ve also got the cooler stockpiled with Pespi’s for him and water for her.

Stay safe this holiday weekend and remember everything that makes America awesome and the troops who are fighting to keep it that way!


3 Responses to “road trip checklist”

  1. 1 mountainsofbooks

    Have fun!

  2. 2 Kyle

    Dagnabbit sis, I was going to buy that CD for you for your b-day. Crap

  3. Well, it’s no longer my birthday is it? So i went ahead and bought it because I wanted it for our road trip. If you must get me something feel free to buy me Jason Mraz’s CD with “Lucky” on it or one of the books on my reading list after A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

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