Bling bling, baby!


Today, while floating along to Simon and Garfunkel’s “I am a Rock” (you’ll see how apt the song name is in just a sec), I had one of those brilliant internet-surfing moments when the clouds part, the sun streams down, and rocking angelic gospel choruses herald you with some “Oh Happy Day!”s, because, against all odds: you have found it. The one thing you have been hopelessly and fruitlessly searching for…it’s right in front of you!

Okay, confession time. My GoogleReader is currently stuffed with blog subscriptions to things that I cannot have right now in life: mainly, apartment/house blogs and wedding blogs. Not that I’m absolutely dying for either of those things to happen right now, but I love to dream (okay okay, I would give a lot to have some of my own living space right now. but I’m surviving). I love to gather ridiculous amounts of inspiration and set it all to stew on the mental backburner. It’s fun to do in the moment, and slowly over time I refine my ideas and tastes, and hazy dreams mistily begin coming into vibrant focus.

So a few days ago, Mr. Ace and I were enjoying our late-night long-distance phone call. Out of the blue during a perfectly normal conversation, he asked me if I’d like to start looking at engagement rings. After my brain stopped, restarted, and I made sure he wasn’t kidding, the excitement began to well up. Sure, we wouldn’t have the moolah to buy anything for a while, but just the fact we were going to start looking!! HOLY CANNOLI! After hanging up the phone, I immediately jumped on my laptop and opened up my folder of inspirational ring images. (I told you this was confession time, because I’d already been budgeting rings and saving pictures for more than a year. Ha!) As I looked through them, I realized I still hadn’t found the perfect one. I had found lots of beauties, no doubt. But not THE ONE. What I HAD figured out was what I wanted:

Sources 1 2 3
1. A colored stone. My inspiration photos were mostly of peach/yellow/orange sapphires, green citrines, and tourmalines. I’ve already met some opposition on this point…seems that the cultural idea of diamonds = engagements is pretty deeply ingrained for some. But yes, I’m one of those who watched Blood Diamond, and, yes, I’ve done enough research to discover the difficulty of ensuring a stone’s origin. PLUS semi-precious gemstones are cheaper, PLUS I think they are prettier. After explaining my reasons, Mr. Ace was 100% on board with me…and what more do I need? Nada.

2. A ring with meaning. I’m a pretty conceptual person, and I wanted something that would hold significance for our relationship. I loved the above rings because of their meandering lines–it very much reminded me of the ebbing and flowing of the “feeling” part of love, yet the ring itself remains strong and firm and connected. I think it would be a good reminder during the inevitable hard times.

Source 1 2
3. An anti-Tiffany’s ring. Not meaning that I hate Tiffany’s, but that I want something more handcrafted, natural, and organic-feeling. I’ve never ever been the type to want a cookie-cutter anything. But it also needed to be…

4. Not TOO organic or out there. I recognize that right now I love the styles that are unique and original, but this might not be the case for the rest of my life. I need to strike the right balance between interesting and refined (the traditional extreme being these shapes above), so that this will be a piece of jewelry I’ll want to wear for life.

It’s been mostly the last two points that have been the hardest for me to find. That balance between organic and traditional…..until today.

Holy heavens. I’ll take one of each, plzkthx.

Source 1

These are the work of Anne Sportsun, who THANK HEAVENS sells her jewelry that should be called ART at two LA locations. HUZZAH. See the refined?? See the organic?? Oh, I could just dissolve into a little puddle of happiness.

Her prices are a little bit out of my range, as she uses mostly diamonds (and colored diamonds at that! even more rare and esspensive), but I feel like I’ve found an aesthetic that almost perfectly strikes a chord with what I want. I can’t wait to show Mr. Ace and get his opinion! After all this online research, I’m so stinking excited to take some trips with him and see some sparklies in person, and then try to be our budgety selves and get something good for something we can afford. Let the games begin!

Now you can see why “I am a Rock” had me laughing out loud at my desk. Could NOT have asked for better timing.


6 Responses to “Bling bling, baby!”

  1. 1 Jennifer

    oh my what a great post. I love the rings you showed on this post so many beautiful options for engagement rings. I didn’t have a lot of time to find my perfect engagement ring but it matches my wedding band and I don’t wear it that often because I hate getting it caught on everything but my band is perfect. Good luck on your search.

  2. 2 Alexa

    I second the colored-stone-and-conceptualness-love.

  3. 4 stacey

    eeee!! looking for rings!! yay!!

    i hear you on the google reader of things you want but can’t have… house blogs are my fave at the moment. i’m not a fan of the renting life. 😦

    • Do you read Apartment Therapy? It is absolutely my favorite…and there’s tons of good ideas that even renters can use! But yes, it’ll be nice someday to OWN the place and get to do whatever the heck you want to it. That’ll be a happy day, indeed.

  4. 6 stacey

    i do read apartment therapy! i also like not martha… she’s not so much home stuff as a general blog, but she rented for quite a while so a lot of her past projects are renter friendly.

    i also like ikea hacks… it’s ingenious slash makes me laugh. 🙂

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