the day-after + little bribes.


Good morning, all. My birthday was really wonderful…Mr. Ace took me out to an unbelievable (seriously, unbelievable) champagne brunch, and we then got to spend some really wonderful time with my family. I’m looking forward to an evening of fun with more friends this week, so the celebrating lives on.

But, today I’m falling slightly prey to the day-after syndrome. You know, the thing that happens after vacations/Christmas/birthdays, when all the excitement and anticipation is done, and the real world comes knocking again? Poor day after. It’s a let down by association.

I’m trying to kick this day-after into gear with coffee and a couple shots of inspiring creativity. Currently, I’m loooving this video work by Ross Ching:

These stills are from a stop-motion music video of Death Cab for Cutie’s song “Little Bribes”. Watch the whole thing here via designrelated.

Such a catchy song! You can watch this video over and over, and always see a new technique, image, thought…so encouraging to my creative drive today. Any of you have personal techniques for shaking the day-after blahs and enjoying your life?


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