hassle free eyelashes


This may be completely shallow, but when I find a product that actually works well I have to share. Yesterday while shopping at Target for my cousin’s birthday present, I came across Covergirl’s Exact Eyelights mascara, and on a whim I bought it because my current Physician’s Formula mascara has been less than satisfactory.

The gimmick behind this mascara is it comes in four colors that you choose the mascara that will compliment your eye color: brown, blue, green or hazel. I was stoked to see that they didn’t leave out us mixed up hazel-eyed people. I went ahead and bought it, applied it and was very happy with the results. I’m not really sure if the color compliment it promised was very effective, but after using the ineffective brush of Physician’s Formula, I was thrilled with a smooth, lash-by-lash application that you get with a Covergirl brush.

One disclaimer, however, I was blessed with inheriting my father’s long, naturally curled, full eyelashes and therefore don’t look for mascara that’s going to make lashes longer and fuller than ever before. This mascara is basic, no clump, smooth application, just-improve-what-you’ve-already-got mascara. So if your looking for showstopping lashes, this mascara is not for you, but if you want low-maintainence, hassle-free lash coverage, this is the stuff.

Covergirl Exact Eyelights is $6.99 at Target and comes in Black Pearl, Black Ruby, Black Gold, and Black Sapphire.


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