guerilla gardening.


In Toronto:

I’ve always been amazed by the state of most flyerboxes. More often that not, they are empty. Some haven’t been filled in years. Yet, there they are: everywhere in the city- at every intersection. Taking up valuable sidewalk space. Some are supposed to offer free news and culture print publications that make revenue from ads, some are supposed to offer free junk-mail type publications, with the expectation that someone will stop and take one completely beyond me. A rare few are supposed to offer a free publication of a certain political or religious leaning- probably bankrolled by whatever church or group can finance the publication of that message. For whatever reason, a great many of them offer nothing but an empty box.

Enter the concept of guerrilla gardening.

I’m so in love with this concept, as executed by Posterchild. There’s something almost post-apocalpytic about these images…with nature finding its way back into a dead environment of concrete and metal.

Fantastic idea. Impactful. Creative. What untouched potential exists in your city?


One Response to “guerilla gardening.”

  1. 1 tu Madre

    I love this concept. Isn’t it cool? I’m glad you shared this with people. xoxo

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