blowing my mind. entirely.


Happy hump-day, everyone! I, for one, am an exhausted little blogger. But writing this post was worth perking up for: as it is about some tres-fab blown glass.*


Oh, they SO had me at hello.



I don’t even know where to start! Is it very wrong to salivate over glass?? This drool-worthy artistry and photos are the work of Caleb Simeon. A quote from his website says: “Most glassblowers aren’t born artists. They’re born pyromaniacs.” Win. It’s a good start to a cute story of this husband and his wife who create these magnificent works. There are also some interesting and gorgeous photos here on the site that show some work behind the scenes. Very cool if you’re interested in the art of blowing glass.

I’ll leave you with one last photo. I probably shouldn’t actually buy one of these pieces right now for many reasons (no full-time job, no living abode to put said pieces in)….but, oh, it’s going to be hard not to! For now, I guess, I’ll just keep staring at their site while succumbing to a brutal case of the I-wants. Should be a fun evening. 🙂


*Title pun? Entirely intentional. I know, I’m a complete cheeseball. Hehehe…


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