happy anniversary to me!



Thanks Ash for the sweet post. This may seem really self-absorbed, but I am posting about my anniversary. You only *fingers crossed* get one one year anniversary and so I think it deserves some blog recognition. My husband and I are far from perfect or having the perfect marriage, but we’re perfect for each other despite the fact that in this last year I have learned that we hardly like any of the same side dishes or tv shows (the battles for the remote can get intense). There is no one else in the world who I would rather spend each and every day with. Even though we were in a long distance relationship for two years, I hate leaving him overnight now. I hate it. Like another happily married friend of mine said, “My days are so much better with him so why would I leave him even for one.” He is my best friend, the one I want to always hang out with. Our senses of humor mesh perfectly, and if no one else thinks we’re funny, we probably won’t notice because we’re too busy laughing. Every day has been happy. Maybe not all day for every day, but every day there is joy in our life.


In one year we went from a dinky smoke filled one bedroom apartment (that I used to have nightmares of raising three kids in) to a two bedroom, two story townhouse and our first child–I mean, dog. We are teammates in life and we’re pretty great at it so far. So here’s to 49 more, baby, but after that I’m done. No more after 50. 😉

Follow the link for my favorite wedding pictures and my list of ideal vendors from my wedding in Springfield, Missouri.Flowers and any other decorating: Artistry in Bloom, Jill is primarily a florist but she has incredible decor and did all the decorating except centerpieces for my wedding.

Venue: Executive Conference Center, yes, we got married in a conference center, but they have a list of great vendors, a beautiful ballroom that works as a great blank slate for any theme you want. Also they are one of the few places that is big enough for a wedding of over 100 guests that allows alcohol and dancing.

The Dress: McDaniel’s, the service was incredible. They carry a ton of designers including their own in house label (which was my dress). Whatever the style, just tell them what you want and they’ll find it for you. There are a ton of great bridal shops in Springfield though. It’s like wedding city.

Photography: Big Smile Photo, I love these people. They are so friendly that you feel like they are family friends from way back as soon as you meet them. But while they’re taking pictures you have no idea they’re there. The price is right too for the quality of the photos. They also go anywhere so don’t let the location keep you from them. Definitely my favorite vendor of all the people I worked with. I mean, who else captures your wedding like this?



For more wedding pictures go here and here and here and here and lastly, here.


One Response to “happy anniversary to me!”

  1. 1 Kendra

    Happy Anniversary! Can’t believe its been a year, but I am so excited for you.

    on a side note, this also means that its been a year since i’ve last seen you. 😦

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