Enter the age of interactive music videos.


Hi all! I’m back from a few relaxing days resulting from that fantastic thing called funemployment. Some new friends pointed me in the direction of this crazy find…if you haven’t seen it already, check out this awesome take on music videos for the tech-driven age we live in.


Yeah, it’s interactive! Each musician is independently operated, and you can turn them off, change their style, and mix and match the entire video. Brilliant, beautifully done, and so inventive. Good job, Cold War Kids. Can’t wait to see more stuff similar to this!


One Response to “Enter the age of interactive music videos.”

  1. Sweet! I’ve long taken an interested in Animated Music Videos, and this looks like fun to play with. Very fun to see people coming up with new ways to share and promote cool things, and giving more power to the end user, to boot! I took a quick look at it, but my audio here is pretty bad; I’m bookmarking it and coming back later. Thanks for linking this!

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