om nom nom nom…in LA.


There are fantastic things about LA. And not so great things. For me, being able to get authentic, delicious ethnic food of nearly any kind tops the love-LA list. Coming in first on the ram-my-head-through-a-brick-wall-HATE-LA: traffic.

LA’s infamy for traffic is widespread…with good reason, let me tell you! So it’s not surprising that I’ve opted to take public trans into Los Angeles/Hollywood when I work there each week. I’m lucky – one of the Metro Red Line stations drops me off only a few blocks from my work, so it’s not only sanity-sustaining and cost effective, it is convenient! Amazing. While I love public trans (there’s really nothing better than cruising along on a train, reading a book, while the rest of the world sits in traffic), the problem is I’ve done very little getting-to-know the City of Angels. There are so many amazing things to see and places to eat (see #1 on the best list, above) that I miss out on. SAD DAY.

Which is why LAist‘s Recession Obsession: Eating on the Red Line post is heaven sent. A reader took it a step further here and included a google map of more good places to eat. Click print on these two things, and my eating habits have been upgraded for at least two months!


One Response to “om nom nom nom…in LA.”

  1. Glad to see they picked this up from Londonist. The “Where to have lunch” series is always the best đŸ™‚

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