a clean slate


My first semester is finally over, and for the summer at least, I can get back to my life that I had been neglecting since spring break. That means first things first: it’s time to clean the house! As sad as it is to admit, I seriously don’t think I’ve given it a full time clean since spring break. Of course, I’ve kept the kitchen clean since that’s the best way to keep down the ant population that has appeared with warmer weather, and the bathrooms and sheets have been frequently cleaned and changed as that is just unacceptable. But as far as vacuuming, mopping, sweeping and clutter I have completely slacked. The guest room/office was a disaster because that’s where I spent most of my time working on projects, articles and papers. Research, notes, and whatever Roskoe had recently chewed to bits were strewn everywhere.

Now I can finally see the top of my desk, the guest bed and the floor. The clutter mass on the kitchen table is now two neat piles of paperwork that needs to be sorted, stored or tossed. The downstair’s floors are swept, mopped and vacuumed. Throw blankets have been Febreezed, countertops scrubbed, and the puppy has even been brushed, bathed and walked. All that’s left are the bathrooms, upstair’s floors, our bedroom and those neat little paperwork piles filed away. Despite my progress, this is going to be a two day process.

It’s amazing the affect physical cleaning has on my spirit. All the clutter that was weighing down my home was apparently weighing down me. With one semester successfully conquered, it’s time for a fresh start, and as my house gets one so do I. I will finally be free to relax in my house and not worry about my neighbors knocking on my door wanting a beer and judging my clutter. The windows are getting opened, the cleaning supplies enlisted in my war against dog hair and clutter. It’s time for a fresh start, house!

After tomorrow, come over, enjoy my beautiful, aired out house with me. I made these Baked Brownies. You can have some with sweet tea and hang with me and the pup. We’ll celebrate summer together.

P.S. I would have posted an awesome picture of my front window and my awesome curtains, but Roskoe (who I love dearly) chewed my camera’s USB cord, and I don’t have a spare.


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