Today has been spent attempting to finish final projects and portfolios. And because of huge files and a laptop dreaming of summer as much as I am, system operations have been a little…slow. I’m waiting right now for files to export and printers to get their behinds in gear, so what better time to post something elegant, simple, and idyllic.


Those words are exactly how I feel about these jewelry designs by Molly M. I am swooning all over the place right now! Her entire site shows such a wonderful aesthetic of simple and striking, pattern based elements. And her botanical collection is made entirely from sustainable elements…double score!


Some graduation money just might have to go towards a pair of these. Until then, I’ll just keep browsing and dreaming, and waiting for technology to function.


3 Responses to “swoon-worthy.”

  1. 1 tu Madre

    You and Char are very prolific writers. I can see that if I don’t check in everyday that I am going to be left in the dust. I love reading your thought and seeing your photos. I definitly think that these earrings look like you….much better to spend your money on this than on a pair of shoes from Payless. I love you.

  2. 2 charmae

    I want some!

  3. 3 iamampersand

    These are absolutely lovely. I think a small portion of an upcoming paycheck will be devoted to them…

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