the end is in sight + existential coffeehouses.



It’s been kind of a rough week…

In the space of a few days, multiple living options have fallen through and my part-time design job has been knocked down to one day of work/week. Along with the internally uneasy feelings of graduating, these have been some heavy blows to take.

So I’m now joining the ranks of college kids who are moving back in with the parentals. I’m really fortunate to have family that, even without a ton of space for me, is willing to help me out in a deeply loving way. And I’ve gotta be honest, I have no clue which way my life is going right now–but I’m excited for this weird, uncomfortable, and new adventure into the unknown to begin! It helps to have confidence and faith in the providence of God…which has slowly, but surely, been developing over the years. Ultimately, everything is going to work out. And until then, I’m going to keep waiting, watching, moving, and hoping.


Of course, having Sunday morning coffee with wonderful friends is good medication for the soul. Every weekend on our way to/from church, we drive past this coffee shop Swork, with a question mark as its logo. We began calling it the existential coffeehouse, as it seemed to be unsure of whether it was Swork or not. And finally, after four years of driving past it, we decided to go in. It was such balm for the soul to talk and laugh with good friends, over warm caramel coffees in an interesting and eclectic shop. Thanks to you wonderful kids that were there.

Isn’t it amazing how community is so essential to being human? What a wonderful morning it turned out to be…and now, I’m off to finishing my prep for finals. And in the meantime, I’ll be listening to Bob Marley’s infectious optimism and remembering where my real hope lies.

2160 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA 90041


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