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According to one of my required-readings for class this semester, a big part of my creative type is Interpreter: meaning, I like to “play with stuff that is already there–bringing it to life in new and fresh ways. Their creativity is built upon understanding how things can be made better. Through elaborating, improving, and evolving raw material, the interpreter manifests and perfects the work in a new form.” (p.72)

Do you ever read or hear something and you just go…oh man, yes. That is SO me!

Because here’s the deal: I looove mashups and remixes almost as much as the original songs (sometimes more! Girl Talk, anyone?). I looove Robin Hood: Men in Tights exponentially more than Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Duchamp’s moustached Mona Lisa.

Around the end of high school, Char and I (along with a few equally crazy and wonderful friends) made a 30 min movie parodying Lord of the Rings. Like, we spent our summer and life-savings on making it. And you will never, ever get to see it because my self-esteem doesn’t need the world knowing what I look like running around in hobbit-gear with eyeliner on my feet and a plastic sword in hand, getting drunk on root beer. Ha. Let me also say that there were Matrix references, Subway product placement, Jurassic Park dinosaurs, death march music, a Xena: Warrior Princess cameo, and a Shania Twain song. In short, it was about 100% awful and 200% awesome.

Char and I also went to see a less-insane and more-generally-hilarious Lord of the Rings parody called Fellowship! the Musical. I will show you a picture of them because they are awesome and returning this summer and I freaking cannot wait.
via here
Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry. SHIRE!

Can you tell? I LOVE stuff that takes a serious, often awesome work and turns it on its head–either for the sake of new artistic creation or fantastic humor.

As an interpreter, I find the concept of this book (after the jump) hilarious…
I haven’t actually read it yet. But are you freaking kidding me? Concept alone = AWESOME. All of Miss Austen’s characters, settings, language, etc are still intact…only with a pandemic of zombies threatening England. Amazon lets you read the first few pages, and I almost peed my pants laughing. I gotta be honest with you (and as I write this, I’m ducking a punch from Char) I’ve never liked Jane Austen’s writing style. I’ve tried, mind you. But it is sooo-ooo-oo flowery and flighty and it just goes on and on and I just can’t bring myself to care. But this book? Just might be a winner.

Anybody else have any interpretive loves? Or read this book? Or notice that I mentioned Lord of the Rings about a million times? (And, yes, that elevensies in our blog name references those books because Char and I have spent our friendship mildly obsessed. Okay, maybe uber obsessed. Okay, we wish we were born as hobbits. So?)


5 Responses to “make it new!”

  1. 1 teaatelevensies

    Char here: I definitely just read a review of this in Vox!!! I wanted to write the article so badly, but all my dang projects prevented me from reading an entire book in three days. This is definitely going on my summer reading list.

  2. 3 Kyle

    Let me know when they are coming out. I would love to go see them again

    • They’ll be playing June 4-July 12 in Burbank. Tickets go on sale May 5! You can find more info at the official site, as well as on their facebook page.

      I really want to find somewhere if the cast is the same, and how much they’ve changed the show. I’m a little nervous about those things…but on the whole, just can’t wait to see it again!

  3. 5 iamampersand

    I know what you mean…it’s like she enjoys listening to herself talk.

    PS: The book cover is AWESOME…

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