relieving end of semester blues


sweet tea

It’s the end of the semester, and if you’re in college and still refer to time in terms of semesters or quarters then you are probably swamped (like me) with a million ridiculously long papers, intimidating presentations and overwhelming projects to complete in the next few days or weeks. I have two 15-pagers, both require a short informal presentation, a portfolio of all my clips, and a group project that I have to write a contribution to and give a presentation for in front of several J-school faculty. Our professor said everyone comes to these presentations and is very excited to hear what we’ve come up with. No pressure, right?

This means this weekend was spent and next weekend will be spent holed up in my bedroom or office scouring through library books, making notes, hacking through the Internet jungle trying desperately to find one credible source to give me the little sliver of information I need to make my paper complete. Then of course, comes the process of actually typing everything out.

It’s a rough time, and we all need that little pick-me-up to get us through it without losing our minds. What’s getting me through the next two weeks? Sweet tea with its always faithful sidekick of homemade guacamole my neighbor let me steal from her monstrous batch. As long as I have a glass by my side that is consistently refilled, I know I can get through the this. And we’re not talking iced tea with sweetner added to the glass. This was four cups of water boiled, poured over two Lipton family-sized tea bags, brewed and then poured over a cup of sugar sitting at the bottom of my lime green pitcher. Fill the rest of the pitcher with cold water, stir all that sugary goodness around, and refrigerate. It’s like being a kid in South Carolina again. Every sip is like a mini-vacation from end-of-semester stress. It reminds me that summertime is almost here, and I only have two more weeks until I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Find your pick-me-up and indulge because its the only way you’ll make it through the madness.


One Response to “relieving end of semester blues”

  1. 1 Kyle

    so true. its all about hanging on to your sanity. i think i hang on to mine by hanging on the weights and picking them up.

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