oh, I admit it.


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I am in LOVE with all things succulent right now.

Recently, I went to a guest lecture by an artist/musician on aesthetics, from a theological perspective. One of the things he said that really stayed with me was that a Christian’s life should have no room for fake plants or paper plates. Life does not stay beautiful forever, and it is not in the least dispensable. He believed we should always buy real flowers that are riotously beautiful one day, then rotting another – because it is a reminder of the shortness of our lives. And he believed we should eat off of the good china as often as we can – so that we learn to take care of the things we’ve been given, and to destroy our habits of over-consuming and never appreciating those objects of consumption.

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These statements caught my attention, as I’ve recently developed an obsession with flowers. If I had the money, I would buy a bouquet of different ones every week, just because of how much life and joy they give to any space. Obviously, for a poor college kid, this just isn’t an option. And while I could work on growing my own mini-garden (aren’t those just the most charming, like the one in Return to Me?), I have an unfortunately keen knack for killing anything requiring chlorophyll.

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(Are you kidding me? This is one of the coolest ideas I have EVER seen. I want to tile my entire bathroom floor in this.)

What’s a green-thumb-challenged girl to do? Fall in love with plants that require little care, but can be arranged in some incredibly gorgeous ways. Once I get moved, my plan is to buy one of the awesome planters from this website (their stuff is unbelievably beautiful for the price you get it at) and then fill it with some hearty succulents. If I can keep those alive, maybe I’ll graduate myself to another small garden…but one step at a time.

via designsponge
(And seriously, that vertical garden above? How freaking incredible is that?? It’s from the astounding Flora Grubb, who is interviewed about her sustainable practices in the source link above. Check it!)

Have any of you experimented with making succulents look less like boring desert cacti and more like art? Any tips would be so loved.


One Response to “oh, I admit it.”

  1. 1 Mr. Ace

    One time, when living on the second floor of a certain building, our window didn’t have a screen so my roommates and I put different plants out on the window ledge. These included a cactus, and some leafy, ivy looking plant. Both of these were purchased from the 99 cent store. The leafy plant started to grow outward and downward. If we had been given a few more years, it probably would have been climb-worthy. The cactus more or less just stayed looking like a cactus, but it still looked nice out on the window ledge.

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