of textures and beginnings.



I am such a sucker for textural design. Maybe it has to do with my roots–I probably would have never gotten into graphic design if it hadn’t been for a friend’s hacked copy of Photoshop, and an online world full of people making inspiring fanart. I fell in love with creating visual reinterpretations of stories, and mashing together the typography of song lyrics with collage-like imagery of colors and textures. Granted, I never thought of it in those high-design terms. I was simply excited by the ability to make things on my computer. And man, did I make stuff: wallpapers, web banners, lj and myspace layouts, and on and on, each featuring characters, stories, and songs that peaked my interest.

I know, I know. They were humble beginnings. 🙂 I was actually kind of afraid to admit it in many of my college design classes (you got interested in design by making fanart?? Blegh). What can I say? Sometimes the design field can be uber-pretentious.

Fortunately, in one of my classes this semester, my professor asked us all that great question: how did we get interested in design? And about half of the class’ first delving into design had to do with making silly wallpapers and fanart-like things. One of the girls even admitted that she was an ultimate Buffy fan. So great! It was a really fun class as we reminisced and laughed about our early design days.

And what was intended to be a short post giving you a list of textural links has now developed into quite the trip down memory lane! Sigh. I’m such a rambler. Well, without further ado, here are some of the awesome places I’ve found to grab free textures for your work–whether it be high design that would do Rand and Hoeffler proud, or fun stuff that tickles your imagination and yours alone. Whatever it is, be creative. Make something. And take joy in it!

Design Reviver’s 300 Vintage Textures and Brushes Roundup – Extensive, awesome, very useful. Textures and brushes used in above image from this list.
CG Textures – Photographic collection of textures. High-res images available.
Resurgere @ Deviant Art – Lots of interesting textures and stock images.
StockXchng – The free version of iStockphoto: slightly less interesting images than its counterpart, but hey, they’re free! Some useful textures as well.

Do you have any other staples that you know you can always turn to? Share them in the comments!


2 Responses to “of textures and beginnings.”

  1. 1 iamampersand

    I definitely acquired a copy of Photoshop through less-than-legal means back in high school. I loved surf culture and surf magazines. In a weird way, I guess you could say that David Carson is among my early influences.

    And, I must admit, I was (and kind of still am) a closet sci-fi nerd.

    So what class was this? Sounds like GD2…

  2. 2 Ash

    Definitely GD2. I love going back to first-loves. I wonder what yours would have been if you hadn’t grown up in Hawaii…

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