eco-friendly pets



Today was a perfect Earth Day. It was sunny and 75 degrees. It was a day for strolls in the park and spoiling your dog who has been cooped up all winter with some outdoor time. I love Earth Day. I love making little changes in my life that I know are helping the environment–using squiggly light bulbs, washing all my clothes in cold water, cleaning my house with eco-friendly cleaning products and shopping at farmer’s markets when they start up again. Best eco-friendly decision I’ve made–choosing to get a dog the eco-friendly way, at an animal shelter. Like all other things, the best way to get something that will help the earth is to get it used, recycle someone else’s trash. Roskoe’s previous owners could no longer afford to take care of him so through the Dogwood Animal Shelter, we decided to take him in. I’ve had two other dogs in my life, both purebred Labrador Retrivers. I was very nervous about getting a shelter dog because there are so many unknowns about their past, their breed and their temperment, but Roskoe is the best dog I’ve ever had. Both of my Labs were great, but Roskoe is so well-behaved and not intimidating. I love having a dog who isn’t too big or too excitable that I can actually socialize with.

Save the earth; get a shelter dog (only if you have the resources and time to give it a good home, of course).



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