capturing a late night.


It is the second warm night of the year in the greater Los Angeles area…the kind of temperature that is so perfect, so incandescently sublime that your skin can’t even feel it. I’m sitting on my patio surrounded by white twinkle lights, listening to a calming-eclectic mix of Radiohead, Ratatat, Missy Higgins, and the soft crickets all around.

I’m supposed to be working on my portfolio for class tomorrow–but I just can’t bring myself to ignore this beautiful night any longer. It’s one of those times where you feel closer to the heart of it all, when your soul has a chance to breathe. When all the insanity that the day carries around begins to melt away, and you realize that most of that craziness simply doesn’t matter.

I’m so grateful for stop-and-breathe moments like this, and the opportunity to re-center and refocus that they provide. This song so perfectly encompasses how I am feeling. Listen to it…it just might change your life. Sometimes art does that.


3 Responses to “capturing a late night.”

  1. 1 iamampersand

    I’m glad you took advantage of what-sounds-like a beautiful evening.

  2. 2 mr. ace

    more like, how to find yourself on a warm spring evening completely 🙂

    Did the night make you think of the end of summer, when you come back to school after a solid time of R&R, and you feel overwhelmingly at home? Cause I may or may not have been there too.

  3. 3 Mom

    I wonder if we were enjoying the same lovely evening? I dragged a chair out onto the patio, put my feet up and was reading a Rosamunde Pilcher book. As you said, the temperature was perfect. The wind started to pick up and soon there was a swirl of papery petals whirling around me. The sound was like a rainstick. The feeling was wonderful.

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