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Hola, all! Seeing as I’m already three posts behind my dear friend Ash, I had better get started. It’s Char, the other blogger behind tea@elevensies, and this is the part of the blog where I explain what you will find when you read my posts. Since I’m a connoisseur of the list, here is the “What to Expect from Char’s Posts” list:

  • Thoughts on journalism–I am, after all for better or worse, a journalism grad student.
  • Thoughts on writing because like most journalism students, I really just want to be a famous writer.
  • Thoughts on life in general–Wow, could I be anymore vague?
  • Book reviews because let’s face it, my summer reading list is taking shape, and Ash and I always inevitably share our thoughts on what we’ve just read.
  • Foodie posts where I talk about the latest recipes I’ve tried because I’m learning how to cook and bake and loving every minute of it.
  • People, places and things that just tickle my fancy
  • Shameless plugs to my articles at Vox Magazine and my other blog, eve.redefined…oops! It’s started already!

I’m always up for suggestions of books to read, people to interview, subjects/thoughts to tackle, so contact me if you have ideas, questions or comments. And if you find yourself wondering who this self-proclaimed list connoisseur thinks she is, visit my about page.

Until the next post may your tea always stay hot (unless of course yours is on ice).


2 Responses to “char in list form”


    And I can’t wait for the foodie posts. Bring em on!

  2. Your tea brand is on this post:

    Cool, huh? You buy designer-approved stuff. 🙂

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