sundays + spring.


moss terrariums via madebymavis

The weather out here just can’t make up its mind…last week was freezing, yesterday was the loveliest spring day, and today is already baking. What better way to welcome in a new season, I guess. As for me, I’m in a spring cleaning mood. I normally live life organically (read: messy in ways that no one else understands), but every now and then I get into these absolute cleaning fits where I spend the entire morning running around making my apartment livable again.

The spring cleaning itch has hit in full force as well because I’ll be moving soon…again. Each year in college I’ve moved at least twice, and it’s beginning to wear on me. I’ve also accumulated quite a few things (from good furniture, to junk that I just keep dragging along with me), and this time around I’ll be attempting to downsize. I’ve already pared down my studio, and will be looking to tackle the closet next.

Another part of the moving fun is that…I still don’t have a for-sure place to move into. Sigh. Anyone feel me? Why is it so hard to find a roof to cover you and roomies to help pay for it?

Oh well. I have faith that things will work themselves out…hopefully soon. Fortunately I have a few leads with wonderful people, so we’ll see what happens. For now, I’m back to researching for papers and enjoying my glass of strawberry lemonade. Delightful!



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