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Along with the move, we’ve got the new site design dropping, which we’ve absolutely been waiting on pins and needles to reveal! It’s got a heavy focus on typography, and a bunch of new features that we’re totally stoked about. So head on over, play around, let us know what you like! We’re still streamlining a few things, but for the most part, it’s ready to roll.

Don’t get left behind…new posts won’t be appearing here anymore, so be sure to update your links. See you on the new blog —

Lots of love and looseleaf tea,
Char & Ash


Remember this remix of Alice in Wonderland from a while back? Someone at DisneyPixar (someone BRILLIANT) realized this genius, Pogo, existed, and they’ve released an official remix of Up. And it’s just as fab as his other work:

(Watch a beautiful, hi-res version here.)

Are we starting to enter an era in media where large corporations quit fearing the voices, creations, and reactions of every day consumers, and instead grow smart enough to join together with them? Even, dareIsayit, celebrating the consumer’s voice?

Yeah, I hope so too.

…white, milk, and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Free lunch. Looking forward to a jazz club for happy hour. Having spent a weekend with loved ones.

Choosing to smile.

What has two thumbs, and is excited that Lost is coming back??? THIS GIRL!!

(I’m pointing both thumbs at myself. I know you can’t see it. I promise I am. Well, i was before I continued typing. Anywhoodle.)

Here are two awwwwesome links for Losties who, like me, are about to jump out of their skin with glee:

How each member of Lost would make a sandwich. I think I laughed most heartily at Desmond’s, although they’re all pretty awesome.

Everything you need to know about Lost, in 8 minutes or less. For those of us who need a refresher.

Anybody else have any great ones? Monsternomnomnom.

As someone who just had to survive a semester of Magazine Editing and relearning all of the grammar rules we so often take for granted, I found this cartoon and the ten others at TheOatmeal.com and felt compelled to share it with you:

via TheOatmeal.com

Go here to see all ten. You will not be disappointed, and you just might learn something!

lovely neutrals


A few of my favorite things…all wrapped up in soft, calm neutrals.

Sources: 1, 2/3/7, 4, 5/6

The sun just poked it’s head out for the first time in a few days — just in time to light the clouds on fire.

Yesterday was the first day of a new semester for me at the University of Missouri’s Journalism school. As I sat in my first class and the professor went through the niceties of introductions, he recited his resume for us. It was very depressing that about 80% of the publications he had worked as a journalists have folded. Even some of the students in the class had to preface their internship experience with the statement “but that magazine/newspaper is not doing very well” or “has folded.”

Sometimes its hard, getting a degree in something that could be obsolete or replaced with the Internet,  print is dying, that people would rather read it online than turn pages. My parents, while they support me and pushed me to go to graduate school for journalism, have voiced occasional concern about the security of my future career.

To keep my spirits up, though, I remember that while the medium might change, journalism will always be around. Even if everything moves online and we do away with books, magazines, and newspapers on paper, someone will still need to write the content that will be populating the Internet. Those articles and essays and blogs don’t fill themselves. There’s still reporting to be done, interviews to conduct, and sentences that need constructing. Until we can transmit news to the masses telepathically, someone will always be there gathering the news, organizing the news, and putting it out there for the masses to read.

Deep down I don’t believe that print is going to go away, not in my lifetime anyway. It’s still difficult to make a profit off an Internet publication, and despite some of the oldest magazines closing, the Internet, and the recession, the number of magazines launching and surviving is growing. Even if I’m wrong, and I do live to see a day when printing presses are closed for good and everything moves to Kindles and laptops, I don’t believe my job will go away. Someone still has to put together that content, make sure it’s readable and correct. I hope to be one of those people.

Guys, do you know why web design is the hardest thing EVER for me?

Because getting from BRILLIANT CONCEPT I SMOOSH TO PIECES WITH LOVE (step 1) all the way to VOILA COME IN USERS (step 5 billion, give or take) takes forever long. And by the time I reach step 5 billion, I always completely fall out of love with whatever brilliant thing had happened eight months ago. Even when I was an itty bitty young-un (okay, 16) and spending all of my time in my room, on my laptop, designing designing websites websites websites*, I had this issue.

So, all that to say…I have some GOOD news. Plus meh news.

Good news! 5 billion steps ago, Char and I began working on a self-hosted, brand-spanking, wicked awesome new website for the blog. Without our buddy Joel and his so-much-appreciated lending of wordpressing skillz, it never would have happened.

But the site should be live in about a week! YAY GOOD NEWS.

Meh news is I am a million percent over the design we developed. So…once it opens I’ll be flailing my hands at you and begging you not to judge for a few more months as I revamp. Grin.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

*seriously. my mom thought I was going to die of lack of social skills. thanks for making me have friends over, mom! Ilu.

Also, after reading this entry, I think I am more prone to hyperbolic statements after reading copious amounts of dooce, attempting to design wedding invites for everyone and their mother except me, and hitting 11pm. Note there were two of those exaggerative statements in the last sentence, and your girl wasn’t even trying. Booyah!

The lack of posting here at tea@elevensies has not been without good reason. John and I brought home a new dog! Roskoe now has a little sister, and it has been a week and ups and downs with these two. Lucy is a puggle (pug/beagle) that we adopted from the Humane Society in Sedalia, Missouri.

On our way home from Sedalia.

We brought her home on Wednesday, and so far, this is what we know of her. Lucy was a stray wandering the streets of Sedalia when the town’s dog catcher found her and brought her to the humane society. Despite her “mean streets” background, she’s the best cuddlebug. Her happy place is snoozing in your lap. You cannot sit down in our house now unless you want a puggle using you as a lounge chair. She can jump 4 ft. in the air when excited (even when she’s in her kennel, which doesn’t end well for her). And she loves to go outside as evidence by the little hoppy dance she does when she knows you’re about to take her outside.

big bro teaching lil' sis how to spy on the neighborhood.

The transition of bringing her into our home has been an adventure. The shelter wouldn’t let us bring her home until she was spayed, so I introduced a puppy recovering from surgery to a puppy who loves to wrestle. That was tough trying to keep Roskoe from pinning her and listening to the cries of boredom from Roskoe, who was indignant that I wouldn’t let him play with his new little sister for three whole days. Today, however, the gloves were off. I’ve been letting Lucy gauge how she’s feeling in regards to her recovery, and today, she greeted me with the 4 ft. jumping we hadn’t seen since we first met at the shelter before we adopted her. She met Roskoe’s attacks with valor (since he’s got a good 10 lbs on her) and some fancy wrestling moves of her own. She even played some tug-o-war with him. In fact, I had to separate them because the wrestling wouldn’t stop. There was just a constant rolling and bouncing of two furballs following me everywhere I went! I couldn’t get anything done!

Thanks for letting me take the blogspace to introduce to you our latest addition to our family. I apologize for the poor quality of pictures. They’re from my iphone. My real camera is dead, and I can’t find the charger.

Ever since I heard about this book through my many random Internet stumbling upons, I have wanted to read it. Unfortunately, Christmas was approaching, and we were/are poor, so I put off buying it and put it on the Christmas list. My loving, wonderful parents bought it for me. I put down Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, which I was slugging through, to read this instead. I’m not lying, I finished Churched within a couple of days. I couldn’t put it down, and it was everything I was hoping it would be.

For someone who lives for good satire and humor, this book was a breath of fresh air, especially when it comes to humorously looking at Christian culture and church. I went to a Southern Baptist university and grew up in a general Baptist tradition, although my parents were never that hardcore denomination loyalists like some of the people author Matthew Paul Turner describes, so I found I could relate to this book, like I was in on the inside joke. This praise is also the root of my only criticism of the book. I’m not sure anyone outside of the Protestant faith could enjoy it as much as someone who has been on the inside. Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe that doesn’t matter because maybe its not really meant for anyone except people who have been on the inside. If that’s true then my one criticism is a moot point.

When I read memoirs, I often get self-conscious of the other real people in the book who the author still has to deal with on a regular basis. I wonder how their families and friends feel about them revealing all this personal information, and especially in a book like Churched where there is judgement and potential for harsh judgement on those people. I felt that way again at the beginning of this book while reading Turner’s account of how his parents raised him in the church, but my fears were soothed because his tone towards his parents was much more loving/understanding/respectful than it could have been for a book poking fun at church and the culture that comes with it.

If you want a good laugh and a quick read, buy this book and take a weekend to read it. You will laugh so hard, and there will be times when your jaw hits the floor in shock. This book was exactly what I needed to read right now. It’s good to know there are others out there who follow Jesus but struggle with a relationship with church.


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